Prices for Cat Lounge Visits

Admission: $10 for 30 minutes | $18 for 60 minutes | Seniors 60 and over: $8 for 30 min/$15 for 60 min
Coloring: $1 to $2
Cat toy crafts: $3 to $5 (see options)
Tablet rental for guided meditation: $5
Tablet and Muse headband rental: $8
Membership: $50/month

Class Prices

Thursday Drop-in Meditation: $10
Group Meditation: $15
Yoga: $5 (weekdays) | $12 (weekends)

How To Visit ZenCat Lounge

  • We recommend booking a reservation, especially on weekends. If we are holding a class or event, or the lounge is full, walk-ins will be asked to wait or to come back later. Reservations are required during the last hour of the day. No walk-ins admitted less than one hour before closing! The cats have an evening routine and unexpected visits at the end of the day disrupt their routine and upset them.
  • Use our online reservation system below and check your email for a confirmation.
  • In order to maintain a peaceful atmosphere, children under 12 are not allowed in the lounge (except for Kitten Parties) and anyone under 16 must be supervised by a parent or guardian.
  • Due to county regulations, no food is allowed inside. You are welcome to bring your own beverage in a container with a lid, or enjoy complimentary bottled water.

Know Before You Go

  • Our cat interaction areas are no-shoe zones. This helps the cats feel comfortable around strangers. If you must keep your shoes on for medical reasons, please wear clean, soft-soled shoes.
  • Children under 12 are welcome to visit during our Kitten Parties. Some of our adult cats are working on being comfortable around humans and are frightened by loud voices & sudden movements. Please respect them by not bringing children under 12 into the lounge.
  • All of our cats are rescued from shelters or the streets by the local rescue groups we partner with and all are available for adoption. Click to read more about adopting from ZenCat Lounge.
  • On most days we have 16 cats living at ZenCat Lounge. There may be fewer on the day of your visit because of vet appointments or recent adoptions. Newer cats just beginning socialization training may not be ready to leave the Cats Only room yet.

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