Girl Scout Troop Visits

Brownies can have fun helping the cats at ZenCat Lounge to earn the Pets badge!

Juniors, Cadettes, and Seniors can visit too!

How to Earn the Pets Badge

Step 1: Find Out What Care Different Pets Need

This is an opportunity for the girls to talk about the pets they own, before they visit. All girls can talk about the different needs that pets have as well as similar needs. While all animals need food, shelter, & love, some need less attention than others (for example, dogs need to be walked but cats can use a litter box).
You may want to make a Venn diagram on paper or a white board of similarities and differences between cats & dogs so the girls can have a visual understanding.

Steps 2-4 are completed with a visit to ZenCat Lounge!

Step 2: Keep a Pet Comfy (craft)

In this step the girls will make blankets for our cats to sleep with. Cats are comforted by familiar scents, so when one of our cats get adopted we send their blanket home with them. That way they’re less scared in their new home because they have something that smells like them.

No-sew fleece blanket instructions
Step 1: Choose a square of printed fleece for the front of the blanket and a square of solid fleece for the back.
Step 2: Line up the two squares on top of each other and cut fringe on all 4 sides. Each piece of fringe should be about the width of 2 fingers and 3″ long. To make it easier for the girls to know how long to cut, we’ll use washable fabric chalk/marker to draw a line.
Step 3: With the fabric on a flat surface, tie knots with each fringe to hold the two pieces of fleece together. The girls will be tempted to tie the knots like shoelaces, but it works better to keep both pieces together, make a loop, and pull the ends through (like tying a balloon).

Step 3: Help a Pet Stay Healthy & Safe

We will give the girls a tour and show them how our cats stay healthy & safe while awaiting their forever homes, discuss basic cat care, and each girl will take home a handout with the information they learned.

Step 4: Make a Pet Feel Loved

The visit ends with time for the girls to make our cats feel loved by petting and playing with them!

Step 5: Feed a Pet

After learning about what cats eat during their visit, the girls can help us feed them by collecting donations of cat food and treats. We’ll provide a list of the brands we and our rescue partners use.

Troop leaders, call or email us to schedule a visit for your troop!