Female, Bengal mix, 3? years old

Personality: Friendly, sweet, feisty
Favorite spot(s) to be petted: Cheeks, behind ears
Favorite toys: Anything that I can chase
About Caitlin: I am a total lap cat. Even if you aren’t quite sitting down, if I want to sit I’ll climb on you until you make room for me! I love to be near people and watch any action going on, inside or outside. My left ear is wrinkled because when I was rescued as a stray I had a blood clot that damaged the tissue in my ear. I also have ongoing problems with dental plaque and inflammation. When my mouth hurts I want to be left alone, even if I’m sitting on your lap. But when I’m feeling good I’m very playful and love to run around. I’m also very affectionate and will give you lots of kisses.

We think Caitlin would prefer a home with lots of windows, no dogs, no young children, and adopters who are sensitive to her moods. She will reward your patience and understanding with loads of affection and a large collection of amusing facial expressions.

Good with dogs?: no
Good with kids?: probably not

Caitlin was Cat of the Week on Sept 3-10

Here’s what our cat care supervisor said about her:
“Caitlin is a domestic shorthair/Bengal mix who’s full of personality. She loves sitting on laps, rubbing her cheek against you and giving kisses. In the evening her Bengal side comes out and she runs around the room playing with other cats and inviting humans to chase her. One of her favorite games is to hide around a corner or in a tunnel and jump out to surprise unsuspecting cats walking by. She has the most entertaining facial expressions and stands on her hind legs to beg for food if we take too long getting it ready 😄

Now the sad part: This sassy sweetheart likely has stomatitis, a painful, chronic disease of mouth inflammation. Eating is often painful for her and causes her to growl at her food. And she can get overstimulated from being petted while her mouth hurts and will want to sit on you without being touched. She lets you know this verbally, she doesn’t scratch or nip unless her request is being ignored.

Caitlin is one of the most affectionate and loving cats we’ve had the pleasure of caring for and we know there must be an angel out there who’s willing to help her.”
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