Female, domestic/Maine Coon mix, 1 year old

Personality: Sweet, shy, playful
Favorite spot(s) to be petted: Top of head, back
Favorite toys: Balls and catnip pillows
About Shadow: I’m shy around new people and like to sit in high places until I warm up. Once I do, I’m very affectionate and I like playing with other cats & chasing balls or even my own tail! Sometimes I like to play with toys and other times I’m content just watching others play. I love the cat shelves here because they give me a safe place to watch everyone until I’m ready to join in. But I always come down for treats!

We think Shadow will adjust well to any home that has a cat tree for her. She can be adopted with her brother, but is independent enough to live without him. She gets along very well with other cats.

Good with dogs?: maybe
Good with kids?: probably