Male, 1 year old, domestic black & white cat

Personality: Friendly, playful, affectionate
Favorite spot(s) to be petted: Cheeks
Favorite toy(s): Wand toys and Superballs
About Trey: Don’t let the eyeliner fool you — I’m a tough guy (with a heart of gold). I play hard and love harder. I prefer to be the only cat in your home, because I’m all the cat you’ll ever need.

We think Trey’s ideal family is one where he can be one of the bros but also be adored by the kind of girl who always falls for the bad boys. He’s an excellent snuggle buddy (even enjoys belly rubs!) and loves to chase toys. Once he catches his “prey” he’ll carry it in his mouth and parade around with his head held high to show off what a good hunter he is!

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Trey is being fostered from Cats In Tow