Male, domestic, 1 year old

Personality: Shy, playful, affectionate
Favorite spot(s) to be petted: Behind ears
Favorite toy(s): wand toys
About Twilight: I think I’m pretty much the perfect cat! I love to play, I’m affectionate and enjoy being petted, and I’m so handsome. Have you ever seen fur as beautiful as mine? They tell me it looks like black marble. I guess I’m fancy! My only flaw is that I don’t like it when other cats get too close to me, and will let them know it by hissing or swiping at them.

We think Twilight will adapt well to most homes and families, but would prefer to be the only cat in his new home. His unusual coat pattern is called “black smoke tabby” and is so rare that it isn’t even recognized by The International Cat Association, the organization that sets the standards for show cats worldwide.

Good with dogs? If they’re mellow.
Good with kids? Good with teens, may eventually warm up to younger kids.